Artificial waterweed is a high-tech material used for ecological water treatment, and is used in the fields of water ecological environment restoration and water pollution prevention.

The characteristics of artificial aquatic weeds are in line with the laws of nature, pure ecological technology, and no external ecological risks; maintain healthy water quality all year round, even achieve zero water exchange, reduce environmental pollution; simple technology, easy to master, fast implementation, easy management and maintenance, large operating costs Reduce; improve water environment.

Successfully applied in the following areas:

1. Ecological restoration and long-term maintenance of lakes, reservoirs, and natural wetlands

2. Artificial water body ecology establishment, development and long-term maintenance

3. Ecological development of drinking water sources and protection of medium-concentration sewage treatment applications

4.In-situ treatment, reuse, and integrated landscape construction of urban residential sewage

5. Centralized sewage treatment in urban areas and efficient water ecosystem construction

6. Application fields for comprehensive treatment of urban sewage and river surge

7. Urban sewage plant expansion and upgrade

8. Advanced treatment of urban sewage treatment plants

9. Integrated construction of rural sewage treatment, environmental sanitation and ecological environment

10. Application areas for concentrated sewage treatment in rural areas and construction of ecological environment systems for high-concentration sewage treatment

11. Application fields of ecological treatment of livestock and poultry wastewater

12.Application fields of landfill leachate ecological treatment


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