An artificial floating island is an artificial ecosystem that is artificially designed, constructed, and set up to float on the water. Since the 21st century, due to the serious impact of eutrophication on the living environment of human beings, the role of floating island technology in the treatment of water pollution has received increasing attention. Especially in recent years, the pace of urban environmental landscape construction has been accelerated, and the waterscape features of artificial floating islands have been developed and utilized, making the artificial biological floating island technology a truly multifunctional practical technology. The significant role of artificial biological floating islands in water purification and the vivid and harmonious environmental landscape effects have been more and more proved with the popularization of applications.

The main functions of artificial floating islands are briefly described as follows:

First, less investment, quick results, simple maintenance

The principle of pollution control of artificial floating islands is to use the natural ecological habits of organisms to absorb, adsorb, digest, and degrade organic pollutants in water in damaged water bodies, with less investment, quick results, energy saving, stable operation performance, simple daily maintenance, etc. advantage.

2. Improve the living environment of the organism and form a natural ecological balance

Artificial floating islands are a carrier for the survival and reproduction of organisms and microorganisms. In eutrophic water, the roots of plants suspended in water on floating islands can not only absorb organic matter in the water, but also provide sufficient oxygen to the water; provide a variety of organisms and microorganisms with a space suitable for habitation, attachment, and reproduction. The functions of absorption, feeding, adsorption, and decomposition of aquatic plants, animals, and microorganisms make the water pollution repair and form a good natural ecological balance environment.

3. Create beautiful waterfront landscapes and flower borders to improve the quality of the environment

In addition to the significant sewage treatment effect, the artificial floating island also has a strong environmental landscape function. With the development of society and economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements are placed on the surrounding living and working environment. The construction of urban garden landscapes is developing in a high-level and high-grade direction. Due to the vivid and novel effects of greening landscapes on the water surface, people are increasingly attracting great interest. At present, the construction of waterscape gardens and the application of aquatic flowers have formed an emerging industry hot spot. The artificial floating island, above the blue waves, is full of leaves and flowers and dances with waves. It is full of vitality. It can be used to repair water bodies, treat pollution and prevent pollution, and can beautify the water environment to create a beautiful city. The water landscape can enhance the overall grade and taste of urban garden construction, which can be said to do more with less.

Fourth, the role of wave and bank protection, protection of water conservancy facilities

The application of artificial floating islands can effectively reduce the slamming and scouring intensity of wind and waves on the slope banks, and play a good role in protecting the slope banks of rivers and lakes. From this perspective, the application of aquatic floating islands is both a water landscape facility and a water purification and protection facility.

V. Effectively intercept floating objects on the water surface

On the surface of the flowing river, a horizontal artificial floating island can effectively intercept various floating objects on the surface in a fixed range, which is convenient for timely removal.

Improving the living environment of the waterfront

The artificial wave island's wave-removing effect reduces the slap of wind and waves on the waterfront, and can effectively prevent the erosion and collapse of the bank, so that it can form a relatively stable aquatic ecological environment. It is aquatic plants in the waterfront, Animals and microorganisms provide favorable conditions for breeding and habitation. As the crystallization of science and technology, artificial floating islands are developing at a high speed in social economy and social life today, and their development prospects are still in the ascendant, and they are bound to receive due attention and popularity.


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