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  The lotus has a strong adaptability to the growth environment. Because the underground stem of the lotus root can absorb the products of the aerobic microorganisms in the water to decompose the pollutants, the lotus can help the polluted waters to restore the food chain structure and promote a virtuous cycle of the water ecosystem. 

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The lotus belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae, also known as lotus and water hibiscus. It is a perennial aquatic herbaceous flower of the lotus genus. There are many types of lotuses, which are divided into two categories: ornamental and edible. Cultivation has been recorded in China as early as the Zhou Dynasty.

The lotus leaves the mud without stains and praises the world. "The leaves of the lotus are infinitely green, and the red lotus in the sun is red" is a true portrayal of the beauty of the lotus. The noble character of the lotus, which is "straight in the middle and straight in the outside, does not grow and spread, but does not become muddy or stained, but sorrowful and clear, but not demon," has always been one of the subjects of poets who sing about paintings.

The arrangement of water features by lotus is extremely common in Chinese gardens.

The lotus has a strong adaptability to the growth environment, and can be used as a "filter" for the polluted waters of the industrial three wastewater: Because the underground stem of the lotus root can absorb the products of aerobic microorganisms decomposing pollutants in the water, the lotus can help the polluted waters restore the food chain structure. To promote a virtuous cycle of water ecosystems.


To undertake landscaping, ecological restoration, river management, aquatic ecological environment management, wetland greening, river landscaping and other project projects

Supply lotus seedlings , water lily seedlings , reed seedlings , lythrum, yellow calamus, cattail, spring onion, yarrow, bitter grass, foxtail algae, artificial floating island

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