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  Water lilies, perennial aquatic herbs, are born in still waters such as ponds and lakes.  Water lilies are mainly propagated by ramets, and they are usually ramified from March to April before germination in early spring. 

product description

Water lilies , perennial aquatic herbs; water lilies are mainly reproduced by ramets. Usually, the ramification is performed from March to April before germination in early spring. When ramification is performed, the rhizome is dug out, and the rhizome full of new shoots is selected, and the root section is cut into 8-10 cm long sections, each section with at least 1 bud, and then Planting. The top buds are buried in the topsoil upwards, and the depth of the covering soil is suitable for the plant bud eyes to be level with the soil surface.

Water lilies have a significant effect on purifying total phosphorus and total nitrogen in water. From the different growth periods of water lilies, the ability to reduce total phosphorus and total nitrogen in the water body during the flowering period is strong, and the ability to purify water is also strong. Mixed planting of water lilies and lotuses can improve the purification ability of landscape water, and also improve the artistic quality of landscape.


To undertake landscaping, ecological restoration, river management, aquatic ecological environment management, wetland greening, river landscaping and other project projects

Supply water lily seedlings , lotus seedlings , reed seedlings , artificial floating islands , yellow calamus, cattail, lythrum, water onion, yarrow, bitter grass, foxtail algae, ecological floating bed

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