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Now most companies will put some green plants in the office, which can not only bring some anger to the office, but also purify the air in the office, let people see and relieve the pressure. Improper, the green plants in the office can easily swell, and the leaves turn yellow. So how should we make the green plants in the office come back to life?


First, the reason why the office plants are yellow

Due to the special environment of the office, when the leaves of the cultivated green plants turn yellow, we must analyze them in accordance with the specific circumstances. The pro-agricultural network has summarized three reasons for everyone here, which are analyzed in conjunction with the actual environment of the office. You may wish to find out first.


Metabolism is a very easy situation in the process of plant growth. If the new leaves are found to be healthy, only occasionally yellow leaves will appear on the bottom, as long as they are removed and thrown, it has no effect. If this is the case for plants that have been cultivated for a long time, there may be insufficient nutrients in the pots and the leaves will turn yellow. At this time, it is better to change the pots or add fertilizer.

2. Poor ventilation

The office is a relatively closed space, especially after work at night, the doors and windows are tightly closed and the ventilation is improper. In summer and winter, the opening of air-conditioning and heating, poor indoor ventilation, you may not notice it in a comfortable environment, but after the summer, when the indoor temperature is restored, the phenomenon of greening will be more serious.

3. Excessive watering

Putting plants in the office and watering becomes a big problem. Unless it is designated by a designated person for conservation, it is very easy for people to water the flowerpots. It is forbidden for plants to water this way. The ventilation and lighting environment of the office is worse than the outdoor environment. The moisture in the soil will not evaporate for a long time, and various situations such as standing water, rotten roots and yellowing will occur.


Second, the maintenance method of office green plants

Knowing the reason why the green leaves in the office turn yellow, then from what angles should we start to protect the green plants?

Moderate watering

Most of the offices have poor ventilation environment, and the water evaporation in the flower pot is small, but the porcelain pots in the office are often used for aesthetic reasons. Many plants are thrown away after a year and a half of cultivation. Since the flowerpot cannot be changed, change the watering! Minimize the amount of watering, and special persons are responsible for conservation, and avoid heavy watering.

2. Placement is important

The green plants in the office need sunlight, so you need to choose a suitable location and air humidity. When necessary, you can spray water on the ground and green leaves in the place to meet the humidity requirements of the plant. In addition, it is important to place the green plants as far away from the air outlet of the air conditioner as possible.

3. Avoid casual touch

Some green-leaf plants can only be viewed from a distance and must not be molested. Frequent touching of its leaves will cause damage to the leaves by waving the leaf buds. Not only affect the normal growth of plants, but also affect the ornamental.

The above are the reasons why the green leaves of the office turn yellow, and the methods of maintaining the green plants in the office. I hope that it can help some office workers. In fact, everyone often looks at the computer during working hours, and it can also help Vision is protected, I hope everyone's office greens will grow well!


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