Beijing Deploys Key Work on Ecological Civilization and Urban-Rural Environment Construction This Year

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On the morning of the 23rd, an in-depth mobilization conference was held to promote the demobilization, rectification, and promotion of the promotion of ecological civilization and the construction of urban and rural environments in the capital. Beijing's leaders Zhang Gong, Sui Zhenjiang, Lu Yan, and Yang Bin deployed special actions for demobilization and improvement, environmental improvement and garbage treatment, water environment treatment and greening, air pollution treatment, and traffic congestion treatment. Among them, this year we will continue to promote the rectification work focusing on demolition. The city ’s demolition of illegal construction will cover 40 million square meters to ensure that the new buildings will have “zero growth”. There will be no illegal construction within 155 square kilometers of the urban subcenter.

Construction and promotion of 1,400 basic convenience commercial outlets

Zhang Gong, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, said that this year the city will continue to promote the dissolution of non-capital functions, increase the adjustment of general manufacturing enterprises that do not meet the positioning of the capital functions, and evacuate 500 companies in 2018. The demobilization and promotion of 159 markets and 17 logistics centers have achieved significant progress in the decentralization of regional professional markets within the Third Ring Road. Initiated the planning and selection of the new campus of Beijing Union University, and accelerated the construction of new campuses such as Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing Film Academy, and Beijing Information Science and Technology University; realized the operation of the new campus of Tiantan Hospital and the retirement of the old campus, and solidly promoted the overall relocation of Beijing Stomatological Hospital Construction of the project of Shuyi Hospital of Friendship Hospital and Yizhuang Hospital of Tongren Hospital.

Focusing on the enhancement of functions and enhancing the sense of gain is one of the key tasks of this year's special action to unblock, rectify and promote improvement. Vigorously "leave white and increase green", take demolition and retreat land as an important starting point to increase urban green space, and the land will be 1,600 hectares green after demolition. Speed up the construction of a number of large-scale parks such as Nanyuan Forest Wetland Park and Wenyu River Wetland Park. Accelerate the construction of convenience service facilities, build and upgrade 1,400 basic convenience business outlets throughout the city, and accelerate the construction of a multi-functional community commercial convenience service complex that integrates vegetable retail, breakfast, community supermarkets, terminal distribution, beauty salons, dyeing, and housekeeping. Strengthen urban planning and design, coordinate the planning and design of neighborhood decontamination and remediation and "leave white and increase green", see the green, increase public service facilities and commercial convenience facilities, and improve the living environment, and strengthen urban repair and ecological remodeling.

Complete the 615 back-street alleys in the core area

Beijing Deputy Mayor Sui Zhenjiang said that this year will continue to carry out environmental improvement and improvement work on back streets and alleys, strictly implement street and lane design guidelines, co-ordinate difficult work such as demolition and wall opening, and complete 615 back streets and alleys in the core area. Renovation and upgrading tasks, promote the improvement and improvement of central streets and back streets and alleys in Tongzhou District. Continue to promote the renovation of overhead lines, complete the introduction of main and secondary road communications, power, street lights, tram overhead lines into the core area, the main and secondary road communication overhead lines in the Third Ring Road, and implement the branch alley overhead line standardization or access to the ground. Continue to carry out special governance of advertising plaques, and achieve synchronous and steady progress in demolition. Strive to solve the problem of no-light roads in the built-up area in batches within three years, and carry out an orderly improvement of landscape lighting such as Chang'an Street and the Second Ring Road.

This year will also vigorously promote waste classification, and the city's waste classification demonstration area coverage will reach 30%. In conjunction with the construction of beautiful villages, explore an effective model for waste classification in rural areas, and accelerate the creation of a demonstration area for the classification and resource utilization of rural domestic waste in Mentougou, Huairou, and Yanqing districts. Accelerate the construction of waste treatment facilities to achieve an daily increase of 7,150 tons of incineration treatment capacity, 710 tons of kitchen waste treatment capacity, an annual increase of 1 million tons of construction waste resource treatment capacity, and the city's domestic waste resource utilization rate reached 58%. Vigorously implement the toilet revolution, focus on the renovation and upgrading of public toilets in alley areas such as streets and alleys, urban-rural junctions, and rural areas, and comprehensively complete the task of improving the quality of 580 public toilets of various types throughout the year.

Completely complete the treatment of black and odorous water in 84 sections of the non-built area

Lu Yan, deputy mayor of Beijing, said that this year, the city will deepen the implementation of the river length system, make every effort to fight the clear water, complete the treatment of black and odorous water in 84 sections of the unbuilt area, complete the construction of 420 kilometers of new sewage collection lines and 100 kilometers of recycled water lines. 225 kilometers of rain-sewage condensate pipelines will be transformed; the construction and upgrading of 10 sewage treatment plants including steamed buns and Wulichang will be accelerated and new reclaimed water plant projects will be constructed.

This year will also continue to increase the overall urban and rural green space, and a new round of a million acres of afforestation and greening projects will be launched. A total of 230,000 acres of afforestation and greening will be added throughout the year, and 600 hectares of urban green space will be added. In the urban built-up area, five urban forests, 21 small green spaces, and 10 urban leisure parks, 35 tree-lined avenues and landscape avenues will be built, and 100 kilometers of healthy green roads will be added. In the plain area, 99,500 mu of large-scale forest and wetland construction will be implemented around key areas such as the new airport, the Winter Olympics, and the World Garden Fair. The three-year action plan for afforestation and greening in shallow mountain areas has been fully launched, and 87,000 acres of afforestation have been completed.

Speed up the construction of urban greening in the sub-centers of the city, and implement greening area of 60,500 mu. At the same time, 2200 hectares of wetlands will be restored and added around key areas such as the transition zone between the Beijing-Tianjin-Baosu Central Area and Zhangcheng Ecological Conservation Area. Continue to build 100,000 acres of ecological water conservation forests in Beijing and Hebei.

Complete PM2.5 refined source analysis and precise policy

"It is necessary to grasp the difficulties of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, dust, and volatile organic compounds, and keep up the momentum and strive to continue to reduce the PM2.5 concentration." Deputy Mayor Yang Bin said that this year we will do a good job in project management, with the focus on exiting 500 general manufacturers. Industry enterprises, dynamic clearing of "scattered pollution" enterprises; implementation of corporate environmental protection technology reform projects focusing on the management of volatile organic compounds; completion of 450 villages "coal to clean energy", basically achieving "coal-free" in the plain area of the city, and to The shallow mountain area extends. Completed PM2.5 refined source analysis, more targeted and more accurate policy. Take streets and towns as the unit to achieve “full coverage” of automatic monitoring of PM2.5 and coarse particulate matter, and pilot monitoring of nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds to serve streets and towns to refine pollution control.

In terms of traffic congestion management, this year, the city will start the planning of ground parking, promote the pilot construction of underground parking in a layered public space; start the special management of static traffic order in the core area, set up a professional team for static parking order management, and achieve a 15-minute inspection frequency, which is effective Rectify illegal acts. Set comprehensive traffic index, parking, and traffic order evaluation indicators with "people travel" as the core, and conduct pilot-level evaluations of comprehensive traffic control effects at the district and street levels to further reduce the focus of traffic management to districts, streets, and townships. At the same time, we must improve the level of smart traffic, continue to implement the green wave project of the main road signal lights in central urban areas and urban sub-centers, optimize the adjustment of the signal distribution of key nodes at 100 intersections and tie lines, and explore the implementation of anti-overflow signal light control systems at key congested intersections. , Carry out the construction of variable guidance lanes at intersections. Accelerate the construction of a continuous and safe bicycle and walking network system, complete the 900 km bicycle path management, share the bicycle parking order through GPS and electronic fence management standards, and improve the pedestrian path system. (Xu Feipeng and Wu Di Bonus)

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