Aquatic plants help restore water purification capacity

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Aquatic plants help restore water purification capacity

Biological treatment is like people taking Chinese medicine to condition the body. Its main function is to restore the river's "physical constitution" and have a self-cleaning function.

According to the introduction, according to the water quality classification, the water quality of the black smelly river belongs to the five categories of inferiority, that is, the worst water quality. In such a water body, the chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen and other indicators all exceed the standard, the water body is eutrophicated seriously, and the self-purification ability is basically lost. Healthy rivers have a perfect ecosystem-an underwater ecological environment composed of aquatic plants and animals. However, in the black and odorous water body, this ecological environment has been destroyed, and biological governance is to reshape this ecological environment.

At present, more biological management methods are used in river regulation, mainly microbial management, aquatic plant cultivation and fish stocking. Among them, aquatic plants are planted the most. In addition to submerged plants, such as bitter grass, yarrow, and weeds, etc., the treatment method often adopted is plant floating beds, that is, plants are planted on the water surface, and photosynthesis of plants Purifies water. Grass carp is the main type of fish put on it. This kind of fish feeds on algae and can purify water.

Biological governance can only be used as an aid

Although biological treatment can achieve the effect of purifying water, compared with sewage interception and dredging, this can only be used as an auxiliary means of water treatment. "Biological treatment is mostly used in the late stage of river regulation after completing the processes of sewage interception and dredging, etc., as a method of normalized restoration." According to environmental experts, the completion of river regulation projects does not mean that the water quality is no longer black and stinky. Bid farewell to black odor requires a process, that is, the process of water body repair, and biological treatment is helpful to water body repair.


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