Hebei Lianyuan participated in the construction of the pit and pond treatment project in Xiong'an New District and the construction of Xiongxian Hot Spring Lake Project.

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   After the establishment of the Xiong'an New District, the investigation and management of the polluted pits in rural areas was started. A total of 810 sewage pit ponds were identified in the three counties, and new accounts were set up one by one in the new district to rectify each pit. The rectification tasks of the pollution-retaining pits and black and odorous water bodies will be fully started.

Hebei Lianyuan Aquatic Plant Planting Co., Ltd. participates in the construction of the Xiongxian Hot Spring Lake Treatment Project, implements ecological restoration to the hot spring lake according to local conditions, restores the original ecosystem, and grows reeds, lotuses and other plants suitable for local growth; protects the slope and grows turf to achieve stability Pothole slopes, purification of water quality, restoration of water body ecology and landscaping.

Hebei Lianyuan Aquatic Plant Planting Co., Ltd. is pleased and proud to participate in the construction of hometown, and hopes that the hometown of Baiyangdian will become more and more beautiful, and Xiong'an New District will become better and better.





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