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Hebei Lianyuan Aquatic Plant Planting Co., Ltd. is located in Baiyangdian, the pearl of North China, relying on the natural wetland conditions of Baiyangdian, specializing in the research, development, cultivation and sales of aquatic plants. It has more than 300 acres of planting bases. The leading products are lotus, reed, water lily, cattail, aquatic iris, lythrum, cilantro, aquatic canna, yellow calamus, spring onion, re-flower, barley grass, snapdragon, yarrow, and waterweed, etc. Floating and submerged plants. He has provided aquatic plant seedlings and established cooperative relationships for a number of units including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Beijing Botanical Garden, and the School of Environment of Tianjin University. In recent years, the company has participated in the completion of a number of large-scale wetland and river restoration projects, including Tianjin Yuxian Reservoir Wetland Project, Liaoning Fuxin Wetland Project, Tianjin University River Restoration Demonstration Project, Zhangze Reservoir Water Ecological Environment Restoration Project in Shanxi, and Ma'anshan North Lake in Anhui The floating island design and installation of the park, the Xi'an moat river landscaping project, the Xiaolangdi Reservoir floating island installation and aquatic plant plantation project in Henan, the Chaobai River channel environmental restoration and landscaping project in Beijing, and the Heilongjiang Kirin Mountain Resort wetland landscaping all received good effect.

Based on the business philosophy of technology-based, quality-based survival, and service-oriented development, Hebei Lianyuan is committed to aquatic plant cultivation and cultivation, aquatic ecological environment restoration and management, river greening, and wetland construction. We are willing to contribute to the improvement of the ecological environment and provide professional and high-quality services to new and old customers.

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Contact: Mr. Liu

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Address of Company: No. 111, Baiyangdian Venture Square, Anxin County, Baoding City, Hebei Province

Hebei Lianyuan Aquatic Plant Co., Ltd

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